2 ideas of what can be made out of an incandescent lamp

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual! In today’s video I’d like to show you a couple of ideas of what can be made out of a burned-out light bulb.


First, we need a syringe filled with a simple tap water, a burned-out light bulb, one screw, and you may use a tile glue, or a cement, or a gypsum the same as I do.


First of all we have to remove all the internals from the light bulb. To do that we make a small hole with the screw driver, then break it neatly with the round nosed pliers and clear it all out. Be very careful as the shatters are very sharp and it’s easy to get cut.


Then we pour the glue into a light bulb, set the screw and pour the water with the syringe.


We have to get something like that.


We wait for about day or two for glue to harden. Now the most interesting thing. I’ve got an initial idea to use the lamp as a decorative hanger in the cottage, as it’s easy to twist the screw into the wall. There may be hung clothes, hats and so on. The second idea is simpler, I think you have guessed that this light bulb is very similar to a door handle, you may replace with it a broken one, or just install it as a decoration. If you want, you may break the glass and paint the lamp in your favorite color. I think it will look very cool , if you use gypsum, because the whole lamp will be white.
Do you know?
There’s the oldest light bulb in the world working in one of the fire branches of Livermore city (USA, California). That is the 4 watt hand made incandescent lamp, known as a “hundred years lamp”.
It has been lighted for more than one hundred years, since 1901.

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